Tips on Wine Tasting when you’re driving

Tips on Wine Tasting when you’re driving

Heading to the wine regions but don’t want to use a tour bus? Are you worried that you’re going to feel left off by being your group’s driver for a day out in the wineries? The next few tips might be able to help you:

  • Ask to your host their standard pour size. The limit for driving in Australia is a blood alcohol concentration for 0.05%. This means that you still have a little bit of margin for wine tasting if you plan and track your consumption. The little chart below will help you to have an idea of how many tastings make up a standard drink. As a reminder, the 0.05% limit equals approximatively 2 standard drinks for a man and 1 standard drink for a woman.
Standard Drinks
  • Ask for a spittoon. When you spit the wine you taste, a small quantity still will end up in your body and could be detected by a Breathalyzer test, but you should be safe if you spit every time.

  • Share tastings with someone: Even if tasting is often the fun part, you don’t need a big quantity in order to determine if a wine fits your taste or not so much. Pick the wines that interest you most, and if you like one, take a bottle home to enjoy it to the full later!

  • Chat with your host: we believe that going for wine tasting is all about discovering the stories behind the wines and the people making it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their history, their winemaking techniques or what’s involved in grape growing. They will probably have many stories to tell!

  • Discover the other products of the winery: some wineries also make olive oil, delicious food, coffee or use their cellar door to showcase local artists, so make the most of it!

  • Visit for more advice and to track your consumption

Of course, the most important thing is to keep you and your family and friends safe, so please always be aware of your limits and if you believe that your capacity to drive might be impaired even when you are below the legal limit, abstain from drinking any alcohol before driving.

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