Who we are

Our Story


We (Gregory and Mathilde) grew up in France, near the famous Hermitage area in the Northern Rhone Wine region. However, it is only when we first travelled to Australia in 2014 and discovered the magnificent Margaret River region and its wines that we fully realised how complex and amazing the world of wine is. Since then, we have travelled to many wine regions, to meet the producers and learn about their Terroirs and Winemaking techniques. Our travels took us to a range of places around Europe such as Piedmont, Tokay, the Douro Valley, Bordeaux and Burgundy to name a few.

While we loved discovering those places, we found out that planning our trips was often time-consuming. Indeed, finding the hidden gems amongst many wineries and get to visit them is never an easy task. We would read blogs and press articles, local guides and then try to get in touch with each of the wineries we wanted to visit, which depending on the place and the time of the year can be challenging. This is how we started thinking about a tool for visitors, an online platform that would make their discovery of the wine regions a much easier and enjoyable experience.

We enjoyed so much discovering the Australian wine regions and have been so impressed by the amazing experiences offered at cellar doors that we wanted to start developing our concept here. The Australian wine industry is rapidly evolving and so diverse and exciting that we want to help visitors to discover what it has to offer. We also want to help our partner wineries get more exposure and be able to make their wines known to even more people, because we think that they are amazing!

After submitting our concept and business model we were endorsed by the New Venture Institute at Flinders University and the South Australian Government to be one of the few participants in the Supporting Innovation in South Australia pilot project. After a year of hard work, Trip to Sip is finally ready, so get prepared to discover your next favourite wineries!


Our Founders



Gregory developed a passion for Wine over the years, and decided to make this passion his career after working for a few years in Business and Customer Relationship. He successfully completed the Levels Intermediate and Advanced of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) in 2017 and started working shortly after as a Wine buyer for a company specialised in distributing fine wine to the yachting industry on the French Riviera. This experience gave him the opportunity to learn a lot by working alongside a Master of Wine, and with the finest wines on the planet.  Always eager to learn more, Gregory is currently half-way in completing the very challenging and sought-after Diploma in Wines of the WSET.


As far as she can remember, Mathilde always had an interest in Wine (her dad loves to tell the story of when she was 5 years old and secretly asked for a glass of Wine to her grandpa at a family lunch, and he had to stop her from drinking the whole thing!!) When discovering how fascinating the world of wine was during her travels with Gregory, she decided to study it deeper and make it her career too. She successfully completed with the highest distinction the Advanced Level of the WSET in 2019, and has been working in the largest tasting room in Australia ever since, allowing her to gain an even greater knowledge about the range of Wines that Australia produces.